“Australian voices make us laugh more”

Although married actors (and frequent co-stars) Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer are raising their toddler daughter in the United States, the La-based creative duo have set their latest project, rom-com Colin From Accounts, squarely in Sydney’s inner west. From the dialogue to the scenery, the meet-cute involving a crash and a dog is an unabashed love letter to their home country. As Brammall explains, “We’re passionate about Australia, the place that has informed us creatively and in every other way”

Interview by SIOBHAN DUCK

Your 14-month-old daughter Joni, who you welcomed via adoption last September, is mostly growing up in America. Are you doing anything to make sure she’s in touch with her Aussie heritage? Patrick Brammall: She dressed up as Bluey for...

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